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2014 Annual Financial Summary
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Dear Friend of Love & Care Mission:

In developing countries like Africa & India HIV/AIDS is becoming more widespread and the children are the victims of this terrible situation.  Because of the social stigma most of them are abandoned even by their own families.  Seeing a great need, Love & Care Mission is supporting many HIV affected children with food, clothing, medication and education in several projects in India.

The global financial crisis has certainly increased the sufferings of the poor and needy children and their families around the world.  In spite of the struggle through the present financial crisis situation, many of you have 
continued to help the poor children in our LCM projects worldwide.

It has not been easy to assist all these needy children under our care.  But your generosity and contribution made it possible to help them in their education.  We firmly believe that you have played a very important role in building their life.

Thank you for your generous help and for being a partner with us in this ministry.


Dr. Mary Sunder Raj
Founder Director/Chairperson, Love & Care Mission, Inc.
Nurturing the lives of the little ones!
 Year ended December 2014
Financial Summary  
HIV/AIDS Program
Mentally challenged children & Women Program
Orphanage Program
Street children Program
Leper children Program
Children Education Program
After school Program
Tribal children education Program
Drinking water Program
Distribution of Funds
97% of the Love & Care Mission funds went directly to the 
projects that benefit the poor and needy in 2014
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