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        Love and Care Mission, a tax-exempt non-profit organization was started in the year 2007 with the purpose of helping the poor and needy children in their education, food, clothing, shelter, medicines. Also, Love and Care Mission is offering its support to various orphanages, homes for the aged and drinking water programs worldwide.
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        The above pictures depict children in India who are supposed to be growing within a family, receive love and affection, go to school to receive a good education are forced by circumstances to drop out from schools and become child laborers in order to survive. The parents too are unable to provide the needed education for the child because of their own poverty.
            Africa, Ghana are countries that are going through terrible poverty conditions. Millions of children are starving and the death rate keeps growing everyday because of hunger.
Though we offer our support worldwide, Love and Care Mission is helping more children in Africa and India where the need is crucial.
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