HIV/AIDS Program

HIV/AIDS Children Program:

Love and Care Mission emerged to embrace the poor and needy worldwide! From little children to the aging, we offer assistance ans support to various proects worldwode that bring relief and growth to them.

Because of the high population in India the actual numbers of children already orphaned through HIV/AIDS is very high though the exact numbers are difficult to obtain. Love and Care Mission is presently supporting two programs in Bangalore and Tirunelveli.

Location Bangalore:

Love and Care Mission supports the HIV/AIDS children at Bangalore in a home run by the Franciscan Sisters. we assist these children who are affected with AIDS and who are often abandoned in the streets. Love and Care Mission provides medicine, food, infection control facilities and education. The Sisters take care of the daily operations of caring for these children. These children receive regular medical attention from local hospitals.

Location Tirunelveli:

Gramodhya is a non-profit registered organization in Tirunelvelli, South India which focuses on the development of the poor and oppressed. The organization supports hundreds of HIV/AIDS affected families. Love and Care Mission is working with them in providing medicines, food and education to the children and healthcare for the affected parents.

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